Million Dollar Commitment
  • Join us (as a PAID member using one of the ways listed below in the right column) and help promote the Housing4Life program for 1 year using a variety of online and offline methods (safelists, traffic exchanges, flyers, open houses, etc).
  • Participate and follow through with 8 of the Level 2 BONUS programs...We Pay Your Way In!! (3x9 Millionaire Machine, AndThanks2U, CashAdStream,, DecideYourPath, MyPaycheckWeekly, OneBuckMarketing, and Paradise Payments).
Program Benefits Recap
  • Affordable One-time Fee of $39.95 with NO Monthly or Annual Fees (Increasing to $49.95 in January)
  • Referral Bonus of $10 per EVERY personal referral no matter where they are place. (Increasing to $20 January 1st)
  • $20,000 Car Bonus (Yes, the whole car, not just monthly payments for one)
  • Up to $495.950 per complete program cycle (7 total levels of 6x1 cycles) paid over and over again.
  • $25,000 Sponsor bonus every time a personal referral completes all 7 levels
  • Paid entry into over 70 of the BEST networking and direct sales opportunities (refund of your initial investment if you're already participating)
  • Groceries4Life, an included membership in Level 2, offers a lifetime of additional grocery money and your Costco or Sam's Club membership paid EVERY year for life
  • Healthcare4Life Cash Assistance Program, included in your membership once you complete Level 2, takes care of 100% payment of your healthcare bills after your initial visit payment (We pay your healthcare bills so you don't have to)
  • Savings4Life Loyalty Card program for discounts from 10% to 25% at participating "Mom and Pop" businesses around the globe (Under Development)
4 Different Ways to
Pay and Participate

  • Pay a One-Time Membership Fee of $39.95 through one of our available payment processors (increasing to $49.95 in January to be able to pay a $20 referral bonus instead of $10).
  • Participate in our BitGold promotion by signing up for a FREE BitGold account and making an initial deposit.  By doing so, BitGold covers the cost of your Housing4Life membership.  Click below for details.
  • Take advantage of FREE Cash Offers from 3 of the Nation's BEST Pre-Paid Debit Card programs, namely netSpend, accountNow, and Rushcard.  Use your bonus money from your participation to pay your way in instead of coming out of your own pocket.  Click the button below to learn more.
  • Complete ONE CREDIT at Jungle Paradise Freebies by signing up through our program link.  Click the button below to learn more.