Our Program Will Either Pay For You To Get Started in the Below Companies/Opportunities Based on a Per-Level Set Aside Co-Op Budget, or If You Are Already Participating, We'll Refund Your Initial Startup Fee You Paid to Join Them

You may click on some of the highlighted links below to preview the opportunities available through the team builder part of our program, but please join through our program members area by clicking the appropriate name of your sponsor for each opportunity you are interested in.

Level 2 Bonus Opportunities
  • 3x9 Millionaire Machine ($3)
  • 4 Corners Alliance ($18)
  • 7DollarClub ($7)
  • AIOP (All In One Profits) ($10/mo - First month)
  • AndThanks2U ($2.50)
  • CashFeeder.net ($11)
  • DecideYourPath ($15)
  • Meat of the Month Club ($50) (EVERY Level 2 Cycle)
  • Gift Card a Month Club ($40) (EVERY Level 2 Cycle)
  • Movie a Month Club ($40) (EVERY Level 2 Cycle)
  • Life Leadership
  • Paradise Payments ($2)
  • ResidualIncome.tv ($10 first month)
Level 3 thru 7 Bonus Opportunities Based on a Per-Level Co-Op Budget
  • Amway
  • Arbonne
  • Avon
  • GoldMoney ($500 in GoldMoney EVERY YEAR)
  • Body by Vi (Visalus)
  • Clever Containers
  • Discovery Toys
  • Dollar Shave Club
  • doTerra ($35)
  • Dove Chocolate Discoveries
If You Don't See Your Company or Opportunity Listed on this Page, We Can Review and Add Other Options for Your Referrals to Choose From.
  • Elevate Solar - ($2000 towards solar power bill EVERY YEAR)
  • Endless Expressions
  • Epic Lyfe
  • EPX Body
  • Forever Living
  • Funds for Needs
  • Gano Excel
  • Gel Moments
  • Global Wealth Trade
  • Gold Canyon Candles
  • Hayward Main Street Gourmet Popcorn
  • Isagenix
  • It Works
  • Jeunesse
  • Jewelry in Candles
  • JR Watson
  • Karatbars ($500 towards each members' Karatbars purchase annually)
  • LegalShield - ($360 annually)
  • Le-Vel
  • Magnetic Gratitude
  • Mary Kay
  • Modere
  • Motor Club of America (MCA) - $360 annually
  • Nerium
  • Norwex
  • OwnX - ($500 in silver EVERY YEAR)
  • Pampered Chef - ($99)
  • Park Lane Jewelry
  • Party Time Mixes
  • Pet Protector
  • Purely
  • Savings Highway - ($2000 towards solar power bill EVERY YEAR)
  • Scentsy
  • SoyL Scents
  • Stream Wireless - ($600 towards your mobile phone bill EVERY YEAR)
  • Surge 365 ($399)
  • Synergy
  • Tastefully Simple ($39.95)
  • Team Beach Body
  • Tempo Cellular - ($600 towards your mobile phone bill EVERY YEAR)
  • Total Life Changes
  • Tupperware - ($99)
  • Uppercase Living
  • Vemma
  • Viridian Solar - ($2000 towards solar power bill EVERY YEAR)
  • Vstream TV ($399 Reimbursed by Co-Op)
  • Wellmed
  • WildTree
  • World Ventures
  • Young Living
  • Younique
  • ZLicense
And More Can Be Added if Your Opportunity Isn't on the List.  Simply Join Our Co-Op Program, Share it With Others, and We'll Pay for Your Referrals to Join YOU in Your Opportunities.  That's How Our Co-Op is Designed.
Additional Bonuses Included with Your Housing4Life Co-Op Membership as You Advance thru Our Earning Program and Accrue Co-Op BONUS Credit Each Level
"Movie A Month" Club 
($50 Membership)
  • Endless streams of movie tickets to your favorite theater...
  • $500 rebate EVERY YEAR for movies you've visited when you mail in your saved movie stubs
  • 2-level referral bonus ($15 every 1st level referral/$5 every 2nd level referral)
Receive $1000 to Help Pay for Your Cable/Internet EVERY YEAR as an Annual Member
Receive $600 Towards Monitoring of Your Home Security System EVERY YEAR!!
Do You Have a Home Security System?  Is It Being Monitored?  If So, Our Co-Op is Reimbursing You Up To $600 EVERY YEAR for Your Monitoring Service.  If You Don't Have a Home Security System for Your Home, Then We'll Hook You Up.  
Once you qualify for this offer by having enough accrued co-op bonus credit, simply scan and email a copy of your most recent billing statement to receive your $360 credit for the first year, and then every 12 months thereafter.
Receive $600 to Help Pay For Your Mobile Phone Bill EVERY YEAR as an Annual  Member