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Here's a brief summary of our AMAZING program benefits:
The offer below is available to residents of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, and Sweden...If you are not in one of these countries, if you can use Paypal, you may still participate by signing up and getting 1 referral from one of the countries mentioned above in which offers are available.
Step 1: Complete ONE OFFER

Sign Up at Paradise Freebies and complete ONE CREDIT.  Click on the image below to get started.
The examples listed below show how you can save money on your Housing4Life membership by participating through Paradise Freebies.

Keranique Cream ............ .25 credits .......... $4.95
Disney Movie Club .......... .36 credits .......... $5.97
Disney Book Club ............ .18 credits .......... $3.96
Dr Seuss Book Club ......... .21 credits .......... $3.96
Total ..................... 1.00 credits ... $19 appx 
(less than a mini membership at $20)

The commissions we earn from your participation in Paradise Freebies or Superior Freebies pays for your Housing4Life membership.
Step 2: Register Your Housing4Life Membership
Once you have completed your offers to equal ONE CREDIT at Paradise Freebies, you are qualified for a Full PAID Membership into the Housing4Life program.  Click on the button below and fill out the registration form, indicating the name of the individual that referred you to this SPECIAL promotion so they get credit.
Special $50 & $250 Refund Bonus
By completing the trial offers through Paradise Freebies to claim your Full PAID Membership into the Housing4Life program, you will receive a $50 Membership Refund BONUS when you advance to and complete Level 1 in the Housing4Life program.  So, we are literally paying for you to join this FANTASTIC life-changing program.

Additionally, when you advance to and complete Level 3, you'll be entitled to up to $250 to cover the cost of most of any of your subscriptions you took advantage of with this promotional offer.