What is Housing 4 Life?

Housing 4 Life is a hybrid of several ideas:
  • It's a "People Helping People" way to owning a home and paying cash for it
  • It's a Co-Op of online business owners each seeking more exposure and sales for his/her primary business.  The program works like a Farmers Market with a membership fee.  A one-time membership fee into the Co-Op allows ALL participants to "try" each opportunity being promoted, which starting costs for those opportunities are paid for by the Co-Op either directly or through reimbursement.  Also, if a member is already involved, he/she may request a reimbursement for already being involved, since you can't have double accounts with most direct sales companies..
  • It's also a network of local offline business owners offering discounts through our up and coming "Savings4Life Card" (In the works).  The Housing4Life Co-Op is the rewards program of the Savings4Life Card.  We're paying you to support the small business owners in your respective communities.
  • Because of the multi-level, multi-cycle structure of our Co-Op, we also include an in-house Healthcare Co-Op program which covers 100% of your healthcare expenses after a minimum office visit deposit with your preferred provider.

What is the age limit for program participation?

Typically, as with other programs, age 18 is the minimum age requirement to participate. But with our program, anyone that can have a Paypal, Payza or SolidTrustPay account may participate in this program.  Additionally, as the iCareCard program allows for even minors to participate in the program, even your teenage children may participate in the program.  Get them started young.  However, parental consent for those under the age of 18 is REQUIRED.

Can anyone participate?

The Housing4Life Co-Op is a Global Opportunity. Anyone in ANY country may participate as long as he/she can use either Paypal, Payza or SolidTrustPay to send/receive funds.  So far, we have members in 17 countries and 1 US Territory participating. 

Can I have multiple housing accounts?

As an individual participant of the program, you may only have 1 account.  You can use your lifetime earnings from your single house account to purchase what you wish.  You may refer as many participants as you wish and earn $10 per referral for life (one-time purchase members only).  

However, if you own a small mom and pop business and are willing to offer a small repeat discount or offer through our loyalty card partner program, you may have 1 account for your business and 1 account for personal use.

If you are the pastor or head of a church or school, you may also have 1 account for the church and 1 account for yourself individually.

How much does the program cost me?

You may purchase a one-time entry into our program for either $22.95 or $39.95 which will give you a single position that will cycle through each phase an unlimited number of times earning you an unlimited amount of income.  If you want the healthcare coverage to be included, after we've reached a membership base of 10,000 members, either the annual or monthly payment option will be required.

What exactly am I buying?

You are getting on the waiting list for the Savings4Life Loyalty Card and you are receiving access to additional tools (banner advertising and downloadable ebooks) for which you will be compensated when sharing it with others with entry into a house account, which will earn you multiple cycle bonuses of $125; $675; $2150; $6625; $20,100; $60,575; and $314,500 with which you can use to purchase or pay off your existing mortgage, or use for whatever you wish.  
You will also have access to Co-Op Bonus Credit which you accrue every completed Level 2 thru 7 that you can use to get involved in other opportunities in our team build.

Are there any other fees I should be aware of before participating?

There will never by any other fees associated with your participation in this program besides what Payza or SolidTrust charge for each transaction.

What payment processors do you use?

We accept Payza and SolidTrustPay for now.  We are working on accepting BitGold as another payment option, as it is recognized globally.

Don't have a processor account?

To sign up for Payza or SolidTrustPay if available in your country, click on the "Join Today" tab above, scroll down 'til you see the payment processor banners, and click on the appropriate logo for the processor you wish to use.

Is there an affiliate/referral program?

Yes.  When you refer others to this program and they pay the one-time investment of $39.95 to participate, you earn a $10 bonus, paid within 24 hours, Monday thru Friday.  You will also earn advancement bonuses as you climb your way through the program.  Included in the program are OPTIONAL paid placements into other lucrative opportunities.

How and when am I paid?

Our goal is to pay within 24 hours, Monday thru Friday, as a general rule, but please understand that the site owner is a human just like yourself, and from time to time, he might want to take a small weekend vacation.  However, the owner understands your needs as well, and will always make sure the internet is available and laptop on hand so that bonus payments can be paid in a timely manner even while on a vacation.

What is your refund policy?

As you are purchasing lifetime advertising and downloadable content, there are NO REFUNDS.  The income earned is a bonus for referring others to this program.

What are your terms of service?

Visit "Terms" in the menu of options above

I cannot access the members area. Why?

Members' Area access is given to PAID members only.  Any and ALL free promotion tools are available through the Facebook Housing4Life.com support group.

How many banners/websites may I promote?

You may promote up to 4 banners.

Where will my banners be displayed?

Your banner will be displayed throughout our network of websites being managed/administered by AZ Gold Marketing.

Is there a PIF (Pay It Forward) option?

We are working on implementing a gifting option which you may utilize to purchase housing gifts for friends and loved ones.  Any and all updates to the program are made in our Facebook Housing4Life.com support group.

How can I cancel my account?

Are you sure you want to cancel a program that rewards you with repeat payments to your account (Payza, SolidTrustPay, Debit Card) for life?  If you wish to honestly cancel your account, you may do so, but you are removed from the spreadsheet and lose out on any future earnings.  To return to the program after you cancel will cost another $39.95.  

However, you may retain your members area access for the downloadable content and you will keep your banner ads in rotation throughout our network of websites.

To cancel, simply click on "Contact Us" from the menu above, and fill out a contact form, selecting "Account Cancellation" as your reason for contact, and we'll comply with your request.

Is Housing4Life an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?  

No.  Housing4Life is not a traditional MLM or pyramid scheme.  Housing4Life is a co-op of direct sales consultants and other members working together to achieve home ownership and financial freedom through sharing and earning together.  

In a traditional MLM, the CEO makes most of the money in his/her company as he/she garnishes from everyone else's work.  However, this program has been designed in such a way for everyone that refers 6 paid members to the program to advance and reach the top.  Everyone that reaches the top goes back to push others to the top from the bottom, to repeat the process.  

And this is NOT a scheme, because this program pays and is run by a honest owner promoting REAL products and opportunities.

My question isn't showing on this screen

If your question isn't available, please submit a "Contact Us" request, and the admin will personally answer any questions you may have.