Level 2 Bonuses (Fixed)

The Bonus Opportunities listed below are available to each member as you advance through the Housing4Life program and complete Level 2 of the core program.  What this means is you have to refer 6 people to advance to Level 1, 6 more people that join have to join you in Level 1, and then you advance to Level 2. When the 6 people that joined you in Level 1 follow and join you in Level 2, then you qualify for these bonuses.

 You May Join ALL of the Below Opportunities.  It's Advised That You Join ALL of The Ones With Stars Next to Them to Earn Over a Million Dollars from Participation in the Housing4Life program

Level 3 thru Level 7 Bonuses
(Available based on a set-aside Co-Op Bonus Budget)
The remaining Level 3 thru 7 Bonus Opportunities are listed in alphabetical order down each column, from left to right.