Many are in danger of losing their homes and being forced to downsize to an apartment, furthermore many have already been evicted/foreclosed. The fact of the matter is no one should ever have to spend $250K to $300K for a home by themselves.  

Housing4Life was created as a "People Helping People" program.  Based on the idea that "you can have ANYTHING in life that you want if you just help enough other people get what they want," Housing 4 Life introduces a new way to buying a home.  

If everyone is prepared to chip in and help each other then we can REALISTICALLY all afford to be property CASH BUYERS by utilizing this program. 6 people follow you through the program pushing you to the top. Each stage increases in value with additional bonus payouts. Additional feeder positions keep the program moving so that your wallet never dries up. The system perpetually repeats itself so you earn a lifetime income without having to dip into your house account funds before you are ready. All payments are made directly to your payment processor or debit card without requesting a withdrawal. You only ever pay an affordable ONE TIME JOINING FEE.

In addition to the income earned from the main program you also have the opportunity to earn further income from other internet programs without having to pay any additional money to join them, courtesy of Housing4Life in recognition of your efforts.. These are of course completely optional for you to decide if you wish to take advantage of them. Costco and Sams Club yearly memberships are also included in this program.