BitGold Affiliate Program Update

August 7, 2015
Dear Recently Approved & Active Affiliates,

The end of July brought the end of our first official month for our affiliate program.  We are thrilled with the overwhelming participation and excitement around the program, the success affiliates are having, and with the rapid adoption of as a new innovative savings and payments platform for Gold.  We understand the value of genuine brand advocates and we really appreciate all that our affiliates do to spread the good word about BitGold.

Like any new program, we are working through some growing pains and optimization for all of our affiliate partners in the program and want to thank you for your patience as we work through them.  We want to clarify some points of participation to make sure you are receiving your correct compensation.

Firstly – to receive payout you must have your government issued ID uploaded to your BitGold account. Starting Monday you will all be able to upload it yourselves through your personal BitGold account. We are unable to process any payment until we have this on file as per our compliancy regulations

Regarding the actual technicalities of Qualified Users we pay full commission on referred users that have completed all 3 steps of account registration. Email verification, mobile phone verification, and personal information verification. If any of the 3 steps are fraudulent, incomplete, or falsified we deem the conversion to be unqualified and will not pay out on these accounts. Please refer to section 4.3(3)iii.

Please also ensure you are using the correct link.  It is imperative that your unique tracking link is the last link users use to access our site.  We are unable to associate users with you without this intuitive trail. Please refer to section 4.3(2)i & section 4.3(2)ii in our terms and conditions.

Lastly – we have unfortunately encountered a small amount of fraudulent, incomplete, unqualified and duplicate account registrations with the affiliate program.  At BitGold, trust, security, and verification is paramount with military grade encryption and processes.  Registrations go through a vetting and verification process during onboarding and afterwards, and affiliates will not receive compensation for any of the aforementioned registrations.

We have recently received a lot of positive feedback on the affiliate program. We have listened and learned, and we are making some updates to enhance and optimize the process of which you receive support, communication, and reporting.

We will be rolling out the enhanced affiliate program in the coming days and have included more ways to make money and conversions on different verification steps.  We’ll also continue to expand the features and functionality BitGold offers in the coming months which will help you drive more business, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the new features BitGold is launching.

We will now have a scaled CPA model that pays accelerated amounts for various actions, including transactions, deposits, and a very aggressive bonus scale.

Effective immediately, the new opening CPA tier for account signups start at $5 CAD, and we will roll out the new and enhanced program in the coming week.

We want to thank you again for your patience as we clarify and optimize the affiliate program.


The People Helping People Way to Owning a Home

April 24, 2015
Many are in danger of losing their homes and being forced to downsize to an apartment, furthermore many have already been evicted/foreclosed. The fact of the matter is no one should ever have to spend $250K to $300K for a home by themselves.  

Housing4Life was created as a "People Helping People" program.  Based on the idea that "you can have ANYTHING in life that you want if you just help enough other people get what they want," Housing 4 Life introduces a new way to buying a home.  

If everyo...

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