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EVERYONE that participates in the Housing4Life Co-Op as a Basic or Gold Member will receive a $50 Membership Rebate when he/she completes Level 1.

We're giving away $15 in ACX money in cycles 2 thru Infinity of the Feeder Level AND in EVERY cycle of Level 1.  More "NEW" money to help another AWESOME program to continue being AWESOME.
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Housing4Life is 
the New Way to Earn Money to Buy Your Home!!

With Housing4Life, You Don't Ever Have to Buy a Home By Yourself Again, and You Can Do it For Just a One-time Investment 

OF ONLY $39.95!!

The Housing4Life program was designed as a "People Helping People" program.  As others join after you, you're receiving help to purchase your home.  These people can be your personal friends that you referred to the program, or total strangers referred to the program by others.  As you advance through each level of the program, you're in turn helping those who are helping you, as each completed level generates new program entries to help others advance through the program.
Program Benefits
  • $39.95 one-time fee for Gold Membership w/ $10 Sign-Up Bonus 
  • Lifetime banner ads for up to 10 websites
  • Access to digital content (eBooks) in the areas of family financegardening, and home improvement (more will be added) that you can turn around and sell as part of another promotion.
  • Earn up to $359,375 each program cycle (multiple cycles for passive, residual earnings)
  • PAID Entries Into Some of the BEST Network Marketing Opportunities available as you advance through each Level of the program. (pictured below)
**While you don't have to refer to earn, if you get involved and promote this program to others, there are additional bonuses you can enjoy.**
  • $10 bonus per EVERY direct referral
  • $25,000 Sponsor Bonus for EVERY referral that completes full program cycle.
Housing4Life Is A
100% Risk Free Opportunity!!
Receive a $50 Membership Rebate When You Complete Level 1!!

Not only is the Housing4Life program an opportunity to help you earn the money to pay for your home with CASH, it also doubles as a team build for some of the best opportunities in the MLM and Network Marketing industry, except you don't have to pay to join any of the programs.  

All are optional and we pay to get you started.

Some of the opportunities are pictured below and more opportunities will be added:
Additionally, we'll help pay for your groceries and 
help you buy a car!!
(Up to $20,000 in value)
We Even Pay for Your Costco or Sam's Club membership 
EVERY year 
through our included sister program, 
And, also in the works is affordable Healthcare for EVERYONE WORLDWIDE, paid for by the program as you promote and advance.
The Housing4Life program was designed to put more money into your account instead of giving it to the bank!!
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SITE DISCLAIMER:  The Housing4Life Co-Op program as described throughout the site is NOT a ponzi or pyramid scheme nor is it a get rich quick scheme either.  Real products and services are being offered as part of your membership such as downloadable digital content (eBooks) and banner advertising.  Also included but currently under development is our in-house loyalty card program which will entitle the member to discounts of 10% to 25% at participating mom and pop businesses in their respective communities.  Additional benefits of this Co-Op program include healthcare coverage from accrued healthcare credit and additional money for groceries through our Groceries4Life sister program.  
Copyright 2014 and Beyond. The Housing4Life Co-Op is a project of GannonCo Solutions International.