Bonus Opportunity - 4 Corners Alliance

Through the 4 Corners Alliance opportunity, a one-time investment of only $18 (we're reimbursing you for your participation) can yield a HUGE monthly residual income stream.  Receive fantastic financial planning and investment education that you can use further in our Housing4Life program with some of the extra bonuses you'll receive.

To take advantage of this opportunity, click on the name of the person who referred you to the Housing4Life program from the list to the right.

To be reimbursed for your $18 one-time purchase, fill out a support ticket (contact us) and indicate your user name and the name of your sponsor for the 4 Corners Alliance opportunity.  We'll confirm with them that you have paid and then issue a rebate of $18 to your Paypal/Payza/STP account on file.